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Blog: I Am Become Heritage

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Over the past couple of years my ROCK activities have calmed somewhat - as I always say, for years I did LOADS of gigs because I thought if I ever stopped asking people then they'd stop asking me back... and it turns out I was right! The main outcome of this is that I have had a LOT more time to stay at home and watch TELLY, but it also means that I have commenced The Long Walk into life as a Heritage Artiste.

Clear evidence of this comes from my daily Self-Google. This is a practice I began AGES ago when lots was going on and I needed to keep ABREAST of my MEDIA PROFILE, but now it has become a habit which means I am constantly perplexed by weird Russian websites offering free mp3s of INTENSELY obscure songs. However, it also means that every now and then I spot a MENTION somewhere, and this week I have spotted two BLOGS which filled me with DELIGHT and THORTS in equal measure.

The first was a discussion on Europlop about Ed Sheeran, where Billy Jones Is Dead is mentioned as a song about teenage years which is a) somewhat obscure b) better than Ed Sheeran. The former I can certainly go along with, the latter I cannot possibly comment on hem hem.

The second blog was Football And Music talking about the Coupe de Monde EP, which featured the first version of The Fair Play Trophy (again). It's an excellent article, though I would like to make clear that I did NOT set up or edit my Wikipedia entry* - if I did it would be a LOT more up to date and have a DISCOGRAPHY on it!

Both of these articles are about songs I recorded almost TWO DECADES AGO which feels a bit disconcerting - surely 1998 was only a couple of years ago? It was also strange to realise that some of the information was apparently OBSCURE and had had to be RESEARCHED, like one of those articles on ANCIENT indie bands from the early 1990s that don't even have webpages and only appear on... well, indie music blogs. I know about these because every now and then I think "I wonder what happened to Blammo, or Mambo Taxi, or The Voodoo Queens" (etc etc etc) and the only information I can find is a) on a BLOG b) somewhat different to how I remember it myself. This is especially true when they talk about bands I KNEW - I have on numerous occasions been amused to read articles about Airport Girl or Prolapse, for instance, which refer to them making ARTISTIC DECISIONS and having MUSICAL INTENTIONS when, as I recall, they were just drunk like the rest of us.

THUS it's a bit weird to read similar articles about ME, when as far as I'm aware I am still an ONGOING PROJECT and very much an UP AND COMING NEW MUSIC ARTIST who just happens to watch a lot of Netflix and not like being out after 10pm. I guess it's better than being FORGOTTEN ENTIRELY though, and who knows? Maybe this means I'll have RICK RUBIN on the phone in a couple of years to talk about a comeback record!

* actually I DID edit it once - AAS was referred to as my "publishing company" which I kept getting on my nerves so I changed it to "record company" instead!

posted 5/1/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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Time to reissue everything in a MASSIVE collection of gatefold 189g vinyl. This reminds me, I was wondering the other day whether you'd ever play a gig with an entirely crowd-chosen set list. Perhaps you already have?
posted 5/1/2018 by Nommedeguerre

I have several times - when the audience is only one or two people it's easier to just ask them what they want!!
posted 5/1/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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