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Blog: Video Shoot Efficiency

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Sunday afternoon saw me heading into London's fashionable Holborn area of London to meet Mr John Dredge to film a POP VIDEO.

Last year The Plinths (me, John and Mr Andy Harland) recorded an EP, which is set for release at the end of this month. Here in the futuristic modern era you need to have VIDEOS to promote your TRACK on the MTV and the Youtube, so that is what we were planning to do.

After some minor confusion (turns out there are TWO Cafe Nero's opposite Holborn Station, one on High Holborn and one on Kingsway!) we headed into Lincoln's Inn Fields for some very enjoyable titting around. We had an idea of the SORT of thing we wanted to do and used this as the basis for wandering around the general area looking for likely looking SHOTS to ENGAGE with in a daft manner. This was all fine and dandy for me, as I was working the camera, while it was John who was doing the actual Looking Foolish!

The original plan was to go into Actual Lincoln's Inn itself, as it's full of ALLEYS and ARCHITECTURE that would have looked good, but it turned out to be SHUT. Luckily for us there was an ALLEY nearby that we could use instead - take that, LAWYERS!

The final part involved me chasing John down one of said alleys with the camera, which probably looked RIDICULOUS to the various black cabs that came past, but looked QUITE GOOD when I got all the footage home that evening. It was BLOODY FREEZING all afternoon while we were doing it, so I was very happy to discover that it had been worth it. INDEED, it seems we have got MORE than we bargained for - the alley stuff looked so good (and the song itself is SO SHORT) that I was able to make pretty much a whole VIDEO out of it, which means we can use all the other titting about for ANOTHER song. HA! I bet Godley and Creme don't manage this level of efficiency!

posted 9/1/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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