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The first week back to work is always a bit of a SLOG, as you're forced to leave the sofa and carry out tasks that are often, shall we say, not quite as viscerally thrilling as sitting in your pajamas watching a film and drinking a cup of tea. It's also a week when loads of people are still off work, and everybody's trying to get to grips with the grisly return to non-Christmas reality, so nothing much ever happens.

The SECOND week, however, is when everyone gives themselves a bit of an old talking to and decides to GET ON WITH IT. It is a time of EMAILS being sent, PLANS being set in action, and IDEAS for the new year being thrown around. ALSO, the FACT that this happens is always overshadowed by looking forward to Christmas and then DREAD of that dreary first week, so when it comes around every year it does so as a rather lovely surpris!

This has very much been my situation this week, as I have skipped between a succession of delightful MEETINGS to discuss New Stuff. The first of these came on Wednesday for me, when I met with Mr J Dredge for one of our usual CONFLABS, this time discussing the processes required to UNLEASH The Emergency EP (the debut EP from John Dredge & The Plinths) at the end of the month. When you've been in a band for (nearly) TWENTY YEARS you forget quite how much setting up needs doing for something NEW, but I think we've got just about everything covered. By the time release day comes around on January 29th we'll have the EP available online and on bandcamp, a FACEBOOK page set up, and a promotional campaign in full flow. The VIDOES are looking GRATE too!

Later that day I headed over to UAL to attend a Comics Reading Group, which was excellent fun, followed by a meeting with fellow RESEARCH STUDENT Mr T Yu-Kiener, who had an idea for him and me to collaborate on presenting a short course about COMICS. This was all rather thrilling, as TEACHING (about comics) is something I would like to get into a bit more in future. Tobias had a course all worked out already, so I suggested i do a session on SUPERHEROES and also British Humour Comics. I think I could QUITE EASILY talk about both those subjects at SOME LENGTH!

The next day featured two MORE meetings. The first was on the telephone with Mr M Tiller, who is in the midst of his own MEETING MANIA this week and has INDEED written a blog all about it. We were talking about a SCRIPT what I wrote AGES ago which he is going to do some gentle touting of, and I also persuaded him to have a look at 6 Billion To One, a screenplay I did AGES ago which did well in all sorts of competitions but which everybody said could never actually be filmed. Surely this is PRECISELY the kind of challenge that Hollywood Bigwigs YEARN for?

Then that evening there was YET MORE Meeting as I went to The King & Queen to meet representatives of a MUSICAL COLLECTIVE with whom I hope to be doing some COLLABORATING with in future. I can't say at this stage who they are or what we're thinking off, as we want it to be a surprise, but I CAN say that it was an EXCELLENT meeting which featured much note taking, BRANESTORMING, and a general agreement that being organised was a good way to go about things. I think it'll probably be MAY when I can talk about this freely, so will try not to go on about it too much in the meantime!

And there's even more meetings to come, for LO! tomorrow afternoon I head up to LEICESTER to meet The Validators for our CHRISTMAS CURRY (which we were too busy to have before Christmas due to it being Christmas) and the accompanying Validators AGM. We have MUCH to discuss, and also CURRY, it is going to be AMAZING! HOORAH for MEETINGS!

posted 12/1/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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