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Blog: Try A Dosa

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The Festive Season may be well and truly over, but there was still space for a little Christmas in the hearts of The Validators this weekend, for LO! we were meeting up in the fine city of Leicester to celebrate out traditional CHRISTMAS CURRY!

This is a MIGHTY tradition where we get together most years for a proper sensible band meeting without the distraction of a gig to get to... and also for a load of beer and curry. It is GRATE! We have recently had a restructure of out internal organisation, which broadly means that Tom's official position within the band has changed from The One Who Gets The Money After Gig to The One Who Gets The Money After Gigs AND Books The Curry. It is, as I'm sure you'll agree, a big change for all concerned, but one that worked out really well as he'd not only booked us into Kayal (which I'd heard loads of good things about, especially during the Leicester Comedy Festival) but also suggested The Ale Waggon as pre-curry BEER venue. It's not that it's a particularly wonderful pub (it had MORRIS MEN in it when we were there, dressed in "non-racist" "redface" and saying Morris Men things like "quaff" and "Yeoman") but it WAS dead handy and, apparently, the BEER was dead nice. I have to experience Real Ale vicariously these days, but it did smell good!

This section was ALL MALE as Emma was driving CHILDREN around, so instead of formal decision making we spent the time in intellectual conversation, including Tim telling a GOOD STORY that we hadn't heard before, the rest of The Vlads correctly guessing most of my Top 10 albums, and a lengthy session of "Do You Remember When..?" There were a LOT of LARFS.

Emma turned up just as it was time to wander round the corner for TEA, and it was here that we made many IMPORTANT decisions e.g. we're going to do our next two gigs (in Leicester and Cologne) ELECTRICALLY and we're going to try and have a practice during the afternoon before our spot at the Leicester Indiepop Alldayer. We also discussed our TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY (!) coming up in May and made some Important Decisions regarding the SECRET PROJECT that i was on about the other day. It was ACE!

There were also quite a lot more LARFS and some DELICIOUS food, which featured us all saying "It's South Indian Cuisine" quite a lot, and me having a Dosa THE SIZE OF A ROLL OF WALLPAPER!! It was ENORMOUS! Also, BRILL!

Tim and Emma headed home afterwards, so me, Frankie and Tom popped over to the traditional One Quick Pint Before The Train pub The Hind which, as it has been for the past THIRTY YEARS of my knowing it, was weirdly empty for 10pm on a Saturday night. It's ALWAYS been like that - I wonder if it just makes all its money when a train is late and people have nowhere else to go?

The evening ended with Frankie going for his train and me and Tom returning to Tiger Towers for some FINE WHISKY. It was LOVELY - I know bands are SUPPOSED to do gigs, but it's a LOT easier to get some drinking and chat done when you don't have to!

posted 15/1/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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