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Blog: Marvel Age Doom

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Today I'm launching a terrifically exciting new thing - the Marvel Age Doom blog!

As I have mentioned many many times I'm currently doing a PhD called Comics And Transmedia In The Marvel Age (1961-1987): Doctor Doom As Hyper-diegetic Hero, and part of the research for it involves reading through every single appearance of Doctor Doom during this time period (if you want to know why those dates, which comics I'm looking at or how I tracked them down, it's all in the FAQ!).

I spent AGES worrying about how I was going to log all these comics. There's about 200 of them overall, which is a LOT of Doctor Doom to remember, so I thought a BLOG might be a good way to keep it all in check. After all, THIS blog has long been a memory back-up for me and indeed The Validators, and unlike my BRANE it's fully searchable! I also thought it might be a way of attracting some attention to my RESEARCH, and getting some input from other Interested Parties along the way, hence I've set up a twitter account for it too.

The plan is to cover one issue every Wednesday which has an actual Doom appearance in it, then look at others as they crop up in between. For instance, between Fantastic Four #10 ("The Return Of Doctor Doom!") and Fantastic Four #16 (ALSO called "The Return Of Doctor Doom!"), in which he makes full appearances, there was also Strange Tales #106 and Fantastic Four #14 where he's basically mentioned by other characters, but doesn't show up "in person". I'll be doing shorter blogs about these issues as we go along, but I'll be saving the ACADEMIC RIGOUR for the main appearances!

There's also some JOKES along the way and, I hope, something of interest for those poor few of you who aren't intimately familiar with the first quarter century of Marvel Comics. It is, I think, going to be FUN!

posted 17/1/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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