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Blog: New Song For Bandcamp Fees-Free Friday

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After I DEBUTED A Museum Of One Thing on Museums Showoff a couple of weeks ago a few people said that they'd like to be able to download the song somehow. This, of course, was an excellent point and one which I really ought to have thought of in advance!

I was a bit miffed with myself about this, so when I saw that there was another Bandcamp Fees-Free Friday coming up (when, much as the title suggests, Bandcamp waive all their usual fees so all the CA$H goes to the artiste instead) I thought that this might be a good excuse to actually record the song properly. Well, to be honest, I MOSTLY thought "This is a good excuse to do that cover idea I thought of", and I did spend several happy hours using Conext-Aware Fill on Photoshop (which is LIKE MAGIC!) to create a design, but I ALSO spent NEARLY as long recording the actual song, which you can hear below:

I've made it Pay What You Want, so you can even download it for free if you like, and it'll be staying that way when Fees-Free Friday is over. It was a really nice, easy way to release a song, so I might do another one sometime too - all I need is an idea for a cover, and then I can work the rest out later!

posted 5/6/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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