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Blog: Been Done

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I got a text on Tuesday evening from my GP surgery, offering me my COVID jab. I was VERY excited that it was my turn, and wondered when I might be able to go along. I assumed it would be WEEKS away, but when I went into the app it said the next available appointment was in about an hour! I wasn't quite ready for that, so instead I booked myself an appointment for the following lunchtime.

I had a work meeting in the morning, featuring several people discussing the side effects they'd had - I hadn't heard much about this previously, but suddenly Facebook was full of it as my whole AGE COHORT started to go through the system. I was thus slightly trepidatious when I set off, but was then WHISKED along in a delightful cavalcade of Things Working. When I got to the surgey there was a volunteer outside pointing out the side door to go in, and once inside there were signs EVERYWHERE telling you where to go. When I reached the main clinic area there were more very jolly volunteers, more signs, and arrows and markings on the floor made of coloured tape - somebody had obviously gotten really INTO doing this, as it was everywhere!

I registered, got my card (Astro Zeneca) then joined a short, socially distanced queue that was extravagantly marked out with tape. While in this queue I got a message on The Validators' Whatsapp group from Tim saying that people our age could now just book online without waiting for an appointment, so I was able to gleefully respond with a picture of my ticket!

The queue lasted about five minutes and then I was sat with a very nice GP who kept trying to explain things and stop me from taking off my jumper too soon. Once we'd cleared all the formalities she stuck the needle in my arm. "Relax!" she said, as the POINTY METAL entered THE TEMPLE OF MY BODY, but I did my best and after a while it was DONE. My jumper was back on and I was heading out.

As I left I felt a SURGE of emotion - pleased to have got it done, PROUD that the NHS was clearly doing such a good job, and also weirdly PATRIOTIC in a way that I'd not been since, well, The Olympics I think. I think it was due to looking around at all the different people who were working there, or queueing up politely to get done. There was no fuss or bother, just British people of all shapes and sizes RUBBING ALONG in a collective effort. It was brilliant!

Ten hours later I was feeling quite pleased with myself, as the much discussed SIDE EFFECTS had not arrived. I went to bed but sadly I was chuffed TOO SOON, as I woke up at just before 4am with a POUNDING headache, ACHES, and EXTREME heat. It was like having a BIT of flu, but not all of it - it felt like a really bad FEVER, with the BRANE THROBBING that goes with it, but WITHOUT any shakes or sudden lurches into being horribly cold. Similarly, my throat and nose were completely fine. It was MOST ODD, also MOST ANNOYING as I lay there until about 7am feeling ROTTEN. Eventually I DID go back to sleep, but only for a little bit, and thus feel WASHED OUT to the MAX today.

I think what I am basically saying here is that a) I done my civic duty b) I suffered for it and am therefore c) a RUDDY HERO. I would ask for a medal, but they gave me a STICKER in the clinic (I had to ASK for one but it still counts) so I think that'll have to do!

posted 18/3/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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