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Blog: Aches And Pains Aftermath

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After posting my blog about getting the JAB last week something lovely happened. Not in terms of general health - if anything I felt grottier throughout the day - but in terms of COMMUNICATIONS, for LO! loads of people started TALKING to me about THEIR experience and symptoms. It was really, really, really nice, not just because of the ensuing sympathy but also because it felt like we were going through something together.

It was especially nice because a huge amount of the CHAT was with gentleman from within my own AGE COHORT, as it was our turn to get DONE. On Whatsapp, on twitter, on Facebook and on ye olde emails I found myself discussing health issues with hordes of PALS in a way entirely unfamiliar to me. Men of my generation grew up as NEW MEN and all that, but we're still not particularly open with each other in the way perhaps we should be, so it was most unusual to have this sudden outpouring of SHARING and, dare I say, CARING for each other in this way. It was a beautiful and genuinely MOVING thing!

It ALSO presented itself as a HARBINGER of what Facebook (or the Futuristic BRANE Hologram equivalent thereof) will be like in about 30 years, when the aforesaid cohort are very much in the throes of Aches And Pains, at which point I'm sure this will be a daily experience!

posted 22/3/2021 by MJ Hibbett

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