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Blog: Back To League One

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Fans of SPORT, particularly PROPER SPORT, will be very much aware that Peterborough United were relegated this weekend from the Championship to League One i.e. from the second to the third tier of English football. When it was finally confirmed several people got in contact to commisserate, which was very much appreciated but thankfully unnecessary.

For LO! what I have witnessed of Championship football this season has not been to my liking. For one thing, it is MEAN-SPIRITED, in that these nasty bigger teams have deliberately and with malice aforethought been significantly BETTER than poor old Posh, even when they have known full well that we have only just arrived in their league. It would have been POLITE for them to take this new arrival under their wings, show them around the TIER, maybe give them a few free goals just to get them started, but OH NO. Apparently that is TOO MUCH BOTHER for these Fancy Dans.

Worse still, I fear that the Championship is rife with CHEATING. On a number of occasions I have noted play which has led me to suspect that many of these teams have been PRACTICING beforehand, sometimes even TOGETHER, working out what they are going to do with so-called "set pieces" well in advance of the game itself. I may be wrong, but I think there may even be SECRET SIGNALS used to indicate where a ball is going to be kicked, and sometimes I think they may even be moving in some kind of FORMATION.

This is, of course, very much against the TRUE SPIRIT of PROPER FOOTBALL which is to HOOF it as far as you can and then for everybody else to chase after it. In these darkened times we need this pure form of IMPROVISATIONAL SPORT and I must say I am very much looking forward to it being re-instated and - most importantly - RESPECTED next season. Then, and only then, will FOOTBALL itself be the winner!

posted 27/4/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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Very much so - maybe this time Ed Shearan will answer my emails!
posted 27/4/2022 by MJ Hibbett

And you get to play Ipswich again:)
posted 27/4/2022 by Chris Fisher

I suspect they also share a SECRET LANGUAGE with the referees which results in YELLOW CARD AVOIDANCE… PS this whole thing made me LOL by the way
posted 29/4/2022 by

I didn’t put my name on my comment but it was Kat!
posted 29/4/2022 by Kat Kennedy

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