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Blog: Doctor Strange

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Last week I went to the pictures with my delightful old chum Mr S Carter to see "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness". It was good!

The film had been out for a few weeks at this point so we had been both been doing our best to avoid spoilers. This mostly involved not looking at ANY geeky websites, as they have a terrible tendency to spoil things massively while pretending not to e.g. when they say "What THOSE exciting (objects/cameos/other) really mean!" etc etc which tells you there ARE exciting (objects/cameos/other) in the film, or ESPECIALLY when they stick in walloping great pictures of aforesaid (objects/cameos/other). I had been doing quite well until - INFURIATINGLY - they day before we went a Sponsored Advert showed up on Facebook with a BLOODY PHOTOGRAPH of the really REALLY big exciting (objects/cameos/other) in this particular film, intended as a "joke". All I'm saying is, if I was EVER tempted to read "The Collider" I would definitely NOT be doing so now. Take THAT, M Zuckerberg and your stupid algorithm!

ANYWAY apart from that I had not much idea what was going to be in the film, and as it turned out the (objects/cameos/other) bit wasn't hugely important anyway, although it DID lead to some excited GIGGLING from me and Steve as various WORDS and PHRASES were spoken aloud. The actual film itself was quite good for the first bit, then a bit of a mess in the second (where all sorts of THINGS just seemed to HAPPEN, one after the other without much reason), but then BLOODY GRATE in the final section. The BIG FITE at the end was PARTICULARLY crazy and FAR-OUT and I really liked it!

I also liked the way it USED loads and loads of comics stuff but in different an INTERESTING ways, like... well,some of the above words and phrases which we both went "OO!" at. It's really weird with this whole PHASE of the Marvel movies - for phases 1 to 3 there was a clear PLAN underway, but as we discussed on our way out, this time there doesn't seem to be. Does that mean there isn't? Or is there going to be some SUPER AMAZING thing that will turn out to have been there all along? I don't know, and that is IN ITSELF quite exciting - this whole long form multi-movie/telly/transmeida type of storytelling is a whole new thing that Marvel are doing, and I must say I am VERY much enjoying being along for the ride!

I ALSO really enjoyed the fact that Dave Thorpe was thanked in the titles, along with all the other comics people whose stories and inventions had been re-used in the film. Dave Thorpe was the original writer for Marvel UK's Captain Britain strip approx 100,000,000 years ago when it appeared in "The Mighty World Of Marvel", and it was here that the designation "616" was first used for the core Marvel universe in comics. For many years it was assumed that Alan Moore invented it when he took the series over, but nowadays the general consensus is that Dave Thorpe had come up with it but it was an Alan Moore script where it first appeared. Either way, it was AMAZING to see his name pop up alongside lots of MUCH more famous comics creators, and realise that something I bought in the newsagent in Millfield in Peterborough, while my Nan was picking up her copy of "The Weekly News", would one day form a part of one of the biggest movies of the year. All right, back then I probably would have thought "Of course - Captain Britain is THE BEST story ever, and The Fury is THE BEST baddy ever, clearly People Of The Future have their heads screwed on right", but who knows? Maybe a proper adaptation of that story is coming in Phase 5, 6 or 7? If it is, I shall be at the front of the queue, armed with a ticket and FULL EXPLANATION in case anybody asks!

posted 23/5/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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