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Blog: Here Come The Cavalry!

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It's all getting rather exciting over on the Yahoo Office Attachments Animation Awards site. Since last night we have STRUGGLED MANFULLY up from fourth to second place, but there is still a long long way to go. Battle has recently been joined by the MIGHTY FORCES of b3ta, but also many OTHER small brigades of VALIANT REBELS are rallying to our flag, standing tall against the EVIL MIGHT of The BAdger Empire. They must be SMITED! Or SMOTEN! Whichever is the correct way to say it, that's what there must be!

Okay, so the badger song still has four times as many votes as us, but surely they have peaked too soon? Over 2 MILLION people downloaded Hey Hey 16K, if we can get a TINY fraction of those to vote (for us, obviously) then this can still be won. Americans! Imagine it is a RE-RUN of the election, and we're Kerry (oh come on, you remember, John Kerry?) but nicer, more normal, and SEXIER. Brits! We've gone in a TIME MACHINE back to 1992, John Major is a BADGER and the leader of the opposition is a rather over-talkative ZX SPECTRUM! Will YOU allow history to repeat itelf?

Everyone else! Er... VOTE for US! Please!

posted 1/12/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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