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The Sofa In My Sitting Room was OUT last night, and as I'm doing a bit of Work On The Side (DATABASE THRILLS!) I thought "Ah! I shall sensibly use this evening to get on with that, so that I am not leaving it until the last moment. That will be sensible of me."

HOWEVER, I had to visit the DISTRIBUTORS on the way home, so had to DASH OUT and thus forgot to take anything with me... I was off to the DISTRIBUTORS by the way to pick up unsold copies of Shed Anthems. Several years ago we stopped using such people as, to be frank, I found them a bit useless. They'd always said "it's not our fault we hardly sold any copies of your record" (NB by "sold" they meant "persuaded shops to STOCK them, sale or return"), "we would have done better if you had gone on tour, or had some press coverage, or done some radio sessons, or were better known." This time i DID go on tour (and have played all OVER the place), got LOTS of reviews, played on Steve Lamacq's show for a MONTH, AND there was the whole flipping Hey Hey 16K business, and they managed to get about 20 (twenty) copies into the shops... now, i realise that me and The Validators are hardly BILLY JOEL AND THE JOELATORS, but still, that's not very good is it?

I was quite happy to pick them up though, for one thing i had promised Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey (MIGHTY co-releaser of Shed Anthems, via whom we used said Distributors) I'd sort it out AGES ago, and for another I AM RUNNING OUT. HA! Take THAT, so called professional distribution company!

So yes, due to all that I found myself at home WITHOUT thrills of a database nature, so thought I might as well have a go at some work on Warriors Of NanPanTan. I've been BRANE BLEEDING these past couple of weeks trying to get INSPIRED about how it should all look, and spent a fruitless half hour last night trying to draw a DISNEY-ESQUE fantasy landscape for a Caravan-esque TWEE-SCAPE. HOWEVER, then i remembered a rather nice idea I'd had for a compilation EP about six months ago, so dug that out, changed it around, and came up with THIS:

NICE, isn't it? Apart from looking COOL, being SIMPLE, and (hopefully) looking NICE with a black case, it's also a DESIGN SCHEME i can use for the CD Extras... thus, ENLIVENED by this breakthrough, I sat down and recorded the SONG "Warriors Of Nanpantan" in a HEAVY HEAVY EIGHTIES STYLEE - my dears, you could almost SEE the DRY ICE wafting round my corner studio. It sounds DEAD GOOD i reckon, i was MOST chuffed with how things turned out, and ended up listening to it MANY MANY times before bed time.

It's all working out OK - Messrs Pattison and Fleay have been beavering away hard on their bits, and now I've done the cover all i need to do is the back cover, the on CD printing, and write and design the CD extras! Hello Christmas!

posted 7/12/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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