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Blog: Hello BBC!

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Hello to anybody who'll have come to visit after hearing B3TA's Ginger Fuhrer Rob Manuel on the Phil Jupitus Show this morning! For everybody else - Rob was on in place of Interweb Overmind Dave Green (from Need To Know - SEE how far my TENDRILS of Knowing A Couple Of People STRETCH!) who usually does the TECH SPOT on a Tuesday morning. Rob sounded EXTREMELY NATURAL and RELAXED, also a bit like John Ronson, i was most impressed, ESPECIALLY so when he was BIGGING UP "Hey Hey 16K" on that Office Attachments Awards thing. It was dead good - ESPECIALLY especially when they played a bit of it and you could hear Phillip Jupitus DANCING AROUND. I think that's what it was anyway, it was EXCITING!

If you weren't listening in, and are INTRIGUED, it's about an hour and 35 minutes into the programme on the Listen Again feature, and if you did listen and came here specifically because of it, then WELCOME!

posted 7/12/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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