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Blog: Anti-Iodine/ZINC

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There must be something in the water at the moment, for EXCITING things are occurring all around... this morning i got a call from Henry The Producer (of Steve Lamacq's show, amongst other things) asking me to go in again the week after next - he says I can do one of my "Greatest Hits" (his words!), and also a NEW song that's "a bit Christmassy". RIGHT! I've had a bit of an old think, and so far i have a verse and a CHORUS for a song called "The Day After Boxing Day", which is, in my MIND at least, extremely catchy, and has clapping in it. We'll see how we get on - I'm going to be on the show on Sunday 19th, but I'd LIKE to get the song written by... er... this weekend, in case The Validators want to come and sing it with me.

BRANE THROBBING from thoughts of THAT, i turned to one of my favourite webpages, LinkMachineGo, to see what links of INTEREST it had for me today. Usually it has a new Good Thing every day, to do with geeky stuff like Politics or Comics or Music etc etc - Things I Like, basically, and today was no exception for LO! It's Hey Hey 16K!

It's like this summer just gone all over again, except colder!

posted 8/12/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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