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I'm just looking at some bits of VIDEO that Tim's supplied me with, for inclusion on the BURGEONING "Extras" section of Warriors Of Nanpantan. Ooh, it isn't half funny seeing yourself on TELLY like this - i do seem to JIG AROUND a bit on stage, for instance, and as I'm facing the front I never really see the MAELSTROM OF MOTION that is Mr Pattison at the back. Most of the videos are from our last gig at The Adelphi, but one of them is of the one and only live performance of "Dinky Doo", the song Emma sang for her speech at their wedding... GLUMPH! Again, i didn't see much of it at the time as I was stood at the back playing guitar, trying to hide, so i was MOVED all over again just now to see it, it was a BEAUTIFUL thing.

There's a LOT of stuff going on this, so I hope it'll all fit - as well as the usual WORDS and NOTES there's all these videos, the Lamacq Sessions (if they let us use them) and the THEME TUNE to Warriors of Nanpantan itself. Much like Christmas Shopping, I've only just started it and it seems like there's a LOT to do... and I can't get started properly yet, as I've still got my CHRISTMAS SONG to write for Sunday. As mentioned previously, Mr Steve Lamacq's having me back on his Sunday Session this week, to sing a Christmas Song. A few people had suggested (or assumed I'd be doing it anyway) "Give Us A Kiss For Christmas", and what with me struggling a bit with my new idea, and it going down so well at the weekend, AND it being played on Raw Talent last week, I thought I might as well just do THAT.

However. Today I Listened Again to this week's show, and heard him say QUITE A LOT that it would be a new song, specially written, that i was busily writing at the time (NB at the time he said it i was actually in THE BATH - never trust the media, The Kids!), and that they had no idea what it'd be, as it was so NEW.

I'm off home now to get on with it - wish me luck!

posted 14/12/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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