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It may seem quiet and lacking in occurences from the silence of this webpage, but let me tell you dear reader, this is NOT how things are. Behind the scenes it is a THRASHING MAELSTROM of activity, as I make preparations for the launch of WARRIORS OF NANPANTAN. DISCOGRAPHIES and SHOPS for this site AND for the AAS site are being updated, EMAILS are being sent out to the mailing list and to Media Types, HOTELS are being booked for TOURS, and on top of all that i am REALLY BUSY at work ALSO. It is madness gone MAD i tell you, but hopefully it will all be towards a good end - the CDs should be arriving on Friday, and by the time I head off NORTH on Wednesday for our GIGS and SESSION on BBC Radio (on Raw Talent next Thursday night at 9pm on all BBC local stations in Yorkshire and ENVIRONS, by the way) all should be well in hand. I look forward to it immensely, but for now i must say ADIEU, and head back to the MINES OF ROCK, where i toil!

posted 26/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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