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Blog: I Blame Nibiru

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News just in from the manufacturers - due to Adverse Weather Conditions we'll not now be getting the delivery of Warriors Of Nanpantan until MONDAY. Hopefully they'll arrive Monday morning, so's i can a) POST them and b) get in to WORK OK, but I shall keep everyone informed. I'll try and update the SHOP tonight, in case anyone'd like to pre-order a copy - officially it's out on February 7th, as I'm AWAY for half of next week and might not have time to send them out before then, but if i get a chance to then... er... i will.

"Adverse Weather", by the way, is no small matter in this situation - the CDs, as far as I know, are manufacturer in The CZECH REPUBLIC, so they have a LONG way to come. I imagine they are hauled over SNOWY MOUNTAIN RANGES, and so I guess there's been a landslide or something. Maybe an elderly gentleman is lost in the snow, and the delivery has paused to allow a plucky orphan girl and her faithful HOUND to cross the road in search of him?

Anyway, the later than expected delivery means that we WON'T have any CDs available at the gig on Saturday, which is a bit of a shame, but HEY! there's another London gig in four weeks time which'll be the "official" launch. To be honest I'd've just liked to be able to give CDs to the BAND, also to my DAD who's coming along - as I may have mentioned, it's his birthday tomorrow, so it was all organised, pretty much, so's he could come see the band!

Stay tuned for further developments on the DELIVERY schedule, and watch out for those URCHINS in the snow, won't you? One day you may fall down an abandoned WELL, and need help from them and their various domestic pets!

posted 27/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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