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Blog: Link Time!

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I meant to write about our adventures in LEEDS today, but haven't really had time, so instead of our scheduled programme here are a couple of SHORTS.

First of all, why not pop over to the Sorted Records site? Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey is intending to make his VIDEO ARCHIVE available online, and he starts off this month with footage of VOON playing "Pilchards Of Death" in The Durham Ox, back when we used to play pretty much every other Sunday night. It may not be so for you, but for me it was a bit AMAZING to see the slender WHIP-LIKE figure of the younger Hibbett, goodness me...

Secondly, nip over to The Noble Savage for an INTERVIEW with ME! I did this quite a while ago, hence all the stuff about going off to The Isle Of Wight, but it seems to come across OK. The site has a rather groovy LINKS section too, which in a VENN DIAGRAM STYLEE intersects pretty heavily with things that I look at during the day. In my lunch break. Obviously.

Finally, there's always Daily Dinosaur Comics. Always the same, always different, always GRATE!

Right! Back to the GRIND - further FACT tomorrow!

posted 7/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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