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Blog: Hello Cork!

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Greetings from an interweb cafe in CORK! I haven't much time, so here are the main points:
  • Everything here is VERY SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT and it's FREAKING me out a bit. Even the traffic lights are VERY SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT.
  • Cork seems to be MAD about shop window dummies, there are millions of them everywhere and they all look disdainful, as if they are disappointed to have ended up in shop windows.
  • Yes, The Guiness DOES taste nicer.
  • It also feels less nice in the morning. Ow.
  • I was met at the airport by Jim Morrish, holding up a sign saying "MJ HIBBETT". I knew then that everything was going to be FINE.
  • I had tea in a Veggie Restaurant, and it turned out that The Chalets were sat at the next table to me. I knew then that everything would CONTINUE to be FINE.
  • The venue was ABSOLUTELY PACKED and i was TERRIFIED. I did the UBER SET, and it seemed to go OK, but it felt like REVERSO HULL - everyone was enthusiastic and clapped, but at the back of my mind i thought i was losing it. I sold precisely NO CDs, but gave quite a few away over the course of the rest of the night to lovely people who said how much they'd enjoyed it.
  • I also gave my email and a CD to someone from a Radio Station, then ten minutes later to someone ELSE from a Radio Station, who ran after me as i was leaving - either everyone round here has a radio station, or it's the local method of getting free CDs. It works!
  • At some point 2 copies of "Warriors Of Nanpantan" got nicked! I took this to be a very good sign indeed!
  • Walking home i kept bumping into really friendly people. One of these was a woman sat playing her guitar in the street, and I tuned it up for her. It all seemed very normal, and afterwards i felt a bit TOO RYE AY as i strolled home.

    So, in conclusion, Cork is LOVELY. The sun is shining and all is well in the world, although I do worry about Jim on the 2 hour journey to Dublin. That Guiness is powerful stuff!

    posted 3/3/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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