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In the spirit of Doing Things Properly, I've added a LINK to the Newsletter Archive to the left of the screen - yes, I know it's not much of an archive when there's only one issue in it so far, but TIME will change this into a valuable RECORD of DOINGS, I hope. As stated before, I'm going to try and make this a monthly thing, so do SIGN UP if you want to get it!

Whilst doing that I updated the GIGS page, removing the mini-tour I've just done, and as ever it made me SAD to see what was a list BURSTING with activity reduced to just a few outings. I'll be busy in the next couple of months with The Validators working on new songs, and goodness KNOWS it's going to be lovely to actually get to spend a bit more time at HOME with The Rock In My Roll, but I always have a bit of a PANIC when i see the gig list so reduced... I wouldn't like to see you, dear reading, worrying though, so FEAR NOT! There's a number of irons in various fires even as we speak, and i shall FACT you more as soon as i know it.

posted 7/3/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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