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After WEEKS of Not Getting Round To It, I've FINALLY completed the webpage for my New GRATE Idea - WWW.QOLED.COM.

It's based on one of our new songs, Quality Of Life Enhancement Device - if you read the lyrics you'll see i make mention of setting up a webpage to collect a few e.g.s, and asking people to email me their suggestions for QOLEDs. Well, this is IT! If you have a quick look at the site, you'll see that we've already had one suggestion of a Quality Of Life Enhancement Device, from a young man called T Pattison of Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire. He's even made his suggestion in RHYME, which wasn't my original idea but is SO VERY COOL that it IS NOW!

So yes, do please pop over to WWW.QOLED.COM and have a look (and maybe also a listen), and if you're suitably INSPIRED or INTRIGUED, ZAP me your own couplet. Go on, it'll be GRATE!

posted 15/3/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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