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Blog: A New Family Member

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I've just got back from the MATERNITY HOSPITAL OF ROCK, and am VERY pleased to announce we have a new member in The Validators family - Mr Eddy Bewsher!

Regular readers of this mighty missives may well recognise this manly moniker (WARNING: I am currently reading The Essential Silver Surfer, can you tell?) as Eddy is the chap who's sorted out all gigs in Hull, also our recent radio session there, and also also has recently taken up with MYSTERIOUSLY APPEARING at gigs around the country. The NEWS is that we're finally making our relationship OFFICIAL, and he is clambering aboard the good ship Validator as MANAGER!

Yes, MANAGER! Sounds PROPER doesn't it? As is our way, this DOESN'T mean he is going to start dangling people out of windows or walloping recalitrant promoters with a CRICKET BAT (although if he WANTS to do this i have a few suggestions...), rather he's going to INVESTIGATE a few Promotional Avenues for us, especially to do with what happens with the NEXT album. I have high confidence in his ability to DO this - indeed, within HOURS of his accepting this position he DEMANDED we write and record a RADIO HIT, so i think it is going to be FUN!

It's a long time since we've had someone NEW join THE TEAM, so it is all quite exciting - we'd actually talked about doing this for AGES, with Eddy AND amongst The Validators, and maybe that's why it took a while to SINK IN - yesterday when I got Eddy's email saying "YES!" I thought "Oh lovely, that's all right then" and it wasn't until last night that I thought "CRUMBS! Who KNOWS what AMAZING ACTS and DYNAMIC DEEDS Mr Bewsher will accomplish for us? LUMME!" Not wanting to put any pressure on him, but i'm sure that this time next year I shall be typing this on a GOLD ENCRUSTED KEYBOARD, with DIAMONDS on the SPACE KEY. Go EDDY!

posted 16/3/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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