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It's a times like this i wish we could all be FREE of the degenerate capitalist system and, like, frolic freely in the fields all day, making love, beautiful music and hair beads (maybe not this last one, but some people seem to insist on it) in a bucolic wonderland of, like, FREEDOM!

OR, failing that, i wish i'd taken the day off, for LO! it is GORGEOUS outside, the radio and much of my social circle is full of pre-Glastonbury fever, and the people in my office who AREN'T off there have gone home to sit in THEIR gardens and/or watch the tennis. BAH! HUMBUG! And I'm the only one still sat at work!

Mind you, the reason for this is that we're playing The Bull & Gate tonight, so going home first would be DAFT, and I've got my exciting Sexy Trousers to Showcase AND a load of new songs AND of coure THE VALIDATORS to hang around with... so HOORAH! HOORAH for the day! I've just remembered i've got some tea bags in the drawer too - KERZANG!

posted 23/6/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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See you there, Bilbo - Jonny
posted 23/6/2005 by Anonymous

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