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Are you in a BAND? Is it really hot and you're getting nasty and sweaty? Then simply step back a little until you're as close as you can safely get to the raging TUNULT of ACTION that is THE DRUMMER! Counter-intuitively you will suddenly find yourself gently WAFTED with a COOLING BREEZE! I discovered this last night - having SEEN Tim in mighty ACTION on many occasions, and also seen the AFTERMATH (he makes me look like someone who... er... doesn't sweat THAT much onstage, but still quite abit) I'd've expected the HEAT levels to rise yet further when in such proximity, but actually all that thrashing around and WHACKING of cymbals and things acts like a sort of ROCK FAN which was immensely pleasant. Handily, these days, we have a few INTERLUDES of musical NESS when I'm not singing, so I was able to enjoy this occasonally, but i now intend to write a few INSTRUMENTALS, just in case we play somewhere that hot again!

posted 24/6/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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