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Blog: Live At The 12 Bar / Newsletter

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First of all - I've just sent out this month's Newsletter, and got back the usual flurry of Out Of Office Auto Replies. Aaah! These are lovely - I hope all those of you currently on holiday are having a nice time!

Meanwhile I am RECOVERING from a GRATE night out last night at the 12 Bar. It was all very civilised to begin with as I'm now USED to playing there and so have a very pleasant ROUTINE of going for soundcheck then NIPPING back to work to eat my TEA. I got back to the venue for about 8.30, spoke to Messrs Kell and Walker who'd arrived a bit early, fetched The Horn On My Hooter from the toob station, and then had a chat with Nick The Promoter and then Steve and Ned, the latter having come from THE AMERICAS! I've known Ned on the interweb for years, so it was lovely to see him in HUMAN FORM at last, and it reminded me of how VERY much I like Americans In The UK - there seems to be a very strict policy at border control, that they only let the NICE Americans leave the country, and only THEN on the strict condition that they come and talk to me at gigs.

Time SPED by, and suddenly i was onstage, playing THIS:

The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
The Lesson Of The Smiths
Hey William
Dino At The Sands
Red & White Sockets
Hey Hey 16K
Things'll Be Different (when I'm in charge)
Clubbing In The Week
Easily Impressed
Boom Shake The Room

Yes, i was FINALLY brave enough to do "Hey William" AND "Dino At The Sands". They both felt GOOD, and benefited HUGELY from a proper explanation beforehand. I felt a bit nervous to start with, especially during the new songs, but REALLY got into it, and cast about a LITRE of ROCK SWEAT around both floors of the venue. Mr Carsmile Steve (of the interweb) was on ESPECIALLY good form, doing audience participation in "Clubbing In The Week" and fulfilling the role of STOOGE on the "Ooh ooh ooh ooh AAAH" bit in "Boom Shake The Room" (much like Young Ray did last week in Birmingham) and I even EXPERIMENTED by doing parts of the latter slightly differently. Ooh! It was all dead good anyway, and I had a GRATE time.

We then had an absolutely LOVELY time just lurking around and CHATTING with the above and also with Lady On The Radio Claire Dicko, especially when a PERSONALLY AFFRONTED Dr Who Fan joined the fray, having overheard some Comments Made. The 12 Bar is a GRATE place - it always feels COMFY there, like they HAVE Regulars but would be quite happy to let you be one too, if you'd like.

A measure of how much fun I had is that i awoke just after 7am and was TOO EXCITED by thoughts of the night before to go back to sleep. HOOPLA! It was LOVELY!

So that's the end of the FRENETIC ROCKING of July - it's been fun, but EXHAUSTING. Only one gig in August, before our week in Devon, but there's all SORTS of thrilling prospects for gigs in September. All the news, as it happens, right here true believer - EXCELSIOR!

posted 29/7/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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it was very odd with having the seats in the downstairs bit. sitting on the front (of two) rows and looking up at you, it was like you were on an GIANT PANORAMIC CINEMA SCREEN or something.

actually maybe this was just the gallons of bouze i have consumed over the past couple of days...
posted 29/7/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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