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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, i have been WELL BUSY with doing the New Look Webpage and also the MAILING LIST. I think I've pretty much GOT every single local radio indie show in the UK on my mighty database now, as well as quite a few BBC National shows and - for CUNNING REASONS - some New York shows too. This last one was a bit spooky actually. I was looking through the schedule for one station and had NO IDEA which shows to send stuff to. Eventually I thought "Well, i like the name of this one, 'Three Chord Monte', let's HAVE them." THEN i realised i could GOOGLE the station's site on the off-chance that anybody'd played our stuff before... ONE show of the thirty or so came up, they'd played "Give us A Kiss For Christmas". It was Three Chord Monte! Ooh! SPOOKY!

Maybe i am TELEPATHIC or something. We DID watch "Murder City" last night, and right at the start i thought "Maybe these two cases will be somehow linked?!? It seems KRAZY, but it is a HUNCH i cannot shake". Really i should go into CRIME DETECTION, it would be for the greater good of the nation.

With all this going on, however, i still found time for some ART - my young brother is at THE ROYAL ACADEMY (yes, i know) doing THE ART so i went over to Kensington to see their Interim Show. It was Actually Quite Good: unlike previous student shows I've been to it WASN'T full of really annoying people who'd done incredibly obvious things, it actually had some LIFE and FUN to it, and Thomas's stuff had a really nice light WIT to it that, personally, i thought was GOOD. Some of the other stuff was dead good to - despite myself i really liked a SCALETRIX thing someone had done, where the cars had cameras on top and WHIZZED through Polystyrene CAVES. I felt like i ought NOT like it somehow as it was too easy, but it was GRATE.

Some poor sod had made some window blinds by putting those tiny little paper circle ring binder stickers together into great big sheets. It looked like something massively painful and annoying to have to do, and also rather pointless as nobody realised it was THE ART, as it looked like window blinds. I expect at this juncture someone might say "AH! But AH! Don't you SEE? It is THE ART!" but it seemed a bit pointless to me.

Oh yes, and THE BEER was quite cheap. ART! REVIEWED!

posted 27/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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