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  • ITEM! I'm now NOT playing The Russian Club gig on June 2nd, but I AM playing a couple more gigs in the distant future, in Brighton and Sheffield. More FACT on the GIGS page.
  • ITEM! Are you a student in York who'll be home tonight at about 10.30pm? If so tune in to your student radio station, as I'll be on it, doing an INTERVIEW!
  • ITEM! There's a video HERE of me singing "Billy Jones Is Dead" in Essex a few weeks ago.
  • ITEM! A number of people have contacted me about the Article in The Register about Myspace, which seems to suggest that Rupert Murdoch may be able to OWN everybody's songs on it. There's an ADDENDUM to the article that seems to suggest this may not now be the case - PHEW! Thanks everyone for pointing it out tho!
  • ITEM! In case anyone's checking, i have not yet had another pint of MILD, although i may do. And yes, Mr Carsmile Steve, i think you are correct in stating that a strong mild DALLIES into the area of PORTER. Now, i HAVE drunk Porter in the past, during my crazy days of youthful drinking, but I harbour no real ambitions to do it again in the future.
  • ITEM! Encores are a GOOD THING when it's an honest outpouring of happiness by an audience who've seen ALL that the band has to offer, and would like to see them do just one thing more. It's a sign of approval and mutual friendship between band and audience, and should happen RARELY.
  • Encores are BAD THING when it's FAKE - whether that be the huge band who save their best songs until last, and FORCE you to fuel their egos in order to hear the song you ACTUALLY PAID TO HEAR, OR when it's a local band who've EITHER got loads of their mates in to cheer them anyway OR have gobbled down ROCK NONSENSE and EXPECT to do an encore, even when nobody wants them to. It's ESPECIALLY fatiguing when they're on before ME, the night's running late, and all their songs take ten minutes. This happens ALL THE TIME.
  • THUS my encore policy is that i LOVE to do them and WILL DO THEM with GLEE, but always feel like a TWIT if i LEAP back on stage to find that, actually, it was just a few people being polite.
  • "my encore policy": Oooooh! GET! ME!

    posted 8/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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