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They're Here!

No, not the albums or singles... I'm still nervously leaping into the air every time I hear the front door at work go for those, but rather THE BADGES!

Have I mentioned these already? We've got a huge pile of LOVELY little "I VALIDATE!" badges now, half in pink, half in blue, and they look DELICIOUS. We're going to use them for PROMO stuff, and also I'll be giving them out as PRIZES for various things, including people who go an advance order the album from shops - but there'll be more about THAT in the next NEWSLETTER. For now though I'm just going to sit and LOOK upon them, for LO! they are GORGEOUS!

They turned up INCREDIBLY quickly though - I sent the cheque off on Monday afternoon! We got them from a company called Wee Badgers in Glasgow, and by heck they've done a GRATE job - if you need inexpensive yet luxurious badges done at BREAKNECK speed, i would HIGHLY recommend them!

posted 18/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Billy Jones is dead.
And Music has been murdered, too.
posted 19/5/2006 by Anonymous

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