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I was up in YORK yesterday - oddly enough, NOT doing gig. For the first time EVER in my current job I had to actually travel for work, which I found EXTREMELY unnerving. I spent two hours in a meeting on Monday PANICKING because I thought I'd forgotten my guitar.

I headed North on Monday afternoon, in a very full train. I ended up in The Quiet Coach, which always seems to happen despite me disagreeing with the very idea - it's a MISERABLISTS TREASURE TROVE, as only miserable sods go and sit their on purpose and nobody else takes a blind bit of notice of it, so the afforsaid grumpy guts get even MORE wound up. It's catching too - the train was PACKED and so the Quiet Coach was filled up with A Large Party Of Scottish People, who were VERY loud, spent the whole journey shouting out to each other from their seats up and down the carriage, and got laughier and louder as time went by due to them all DRINKING LAGER.

"Why must people fall so easily into National Stereotypes?" i fumed inwardly to myself, as I sat reading my newspaper, getting annoyed at people having fun, but not daring to say a word about it. Later, I complained about the weather.

Anyway, I got to York at SPEED EXTREME and emerged to find an Open Top Bus going by, so hopped on and enjoyed some scenic views of York along with commentary... mostly from a 1 year old child in the seat next to me, BELLOWING. Surely a gentle description of the sights of an ancient city is IDEAL for a toddler, what was WRONG with the child?

I got to my hotel and then wandered out for further LOOKING at YORK. I tell you what, York is OLD. EVERYTHING in it, right, is REALLY OLD. If it's not from before the 13th Century, York isn't very interested. It's all a bit much really - I wouldn't want to live there in case i BROKE something. Also at the moment it is very WET - here's a picture of York, FLOODED!


KRAZY! This was taken next morning round the corner from my hotel, where i went for a brisk morning STROLL around the various castles and stuff. Like i say - everything is OLD! We had our meeting and then i went for MORE historical LOOKING, and had a wander round The Minster. It too is DEAD OLD, and it is also GRATE. I like a good old cathedral, me, and this was BOTH.

I then took another STROLL this time along the city wall - this was probably the best thing of the LOT i must say, it was ACE, although here's my memo to Medieval City Planners: in future, please include more steps down, as there's not enough and I nearly missed my train. They read the internet in medieval times, right?

posted 24/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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