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Here's all the that are currently avaiable to buy through iTunes. If you're happy to use PayPal you can also get them direct from us (and usually for less) via our online shop, where we also have a THRILLING range of Special Offers!

People Are All Right
An EP which is also a badge!

Each badge comes with a download code sticker on the back. To get your music, go to and enter the code there. Peasy!

Released on 27 April 2020
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You're A Tory Now
Online-only single, rush released for the 2019 general election!
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The Fair Play Trophy (Again And Again And Again)
On iTunes this is a re-release of the 2004 version of 'The Fair Play Trophy' backed with a remix of 'In The North Stand'. On Bandcamp it is a heady compilation of ALL versions of both songs!
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The Emergency EP
Four songs written with Mr John Dredge, recorded with him and Mr Andy Harland at The Brook in Sussex.
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Christmas Selection Box
A compilation of ALL our Christmas Songs, available to download via our bandcamp pages or on streaming services. If you only listen to one Christmas album this year, make it the Bob Dylan one, but after that definitely this one!
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Still Valid
It took us three years to record our previous album, so we decided to make THIS album at lot simpler. Ten songs, thirty minutes, minimal overdubs, all HITS.

It took four years... but we think it was worth it!
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I Want To Find Out How It Ends
Theme tune for "A Brief History Of Time Travel".
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Dinosaur Planet
Three years in the making, this is our long awaited science fiction concept album rock opera. Hear the Dinosaurs return from space! Learn how humans fight back! Discover the common enemy that threatens both species!
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Wonderful Wednesday
This was available to buy for one week ONLY, ending at 5pm on Monday March 7th, and came with a free BADGE!
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Forest Moon Of Enderby
Our second "Rest Of" compilation featuring twelve Validators tracks on the main CD and TWENTY THREE additional songs on the multimedia album Hibbett's Superstore.
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My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once
The final single to be taken from Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez this features an an exclusive b-side, a video and a whole ROCK OPERA on the multimedia extras!
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Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez
Our fourth album - a BBC 6Music Album Of The Day, Mercury Music Prize listed, and featuring the singles Do The Indie Kid (7" vinyl), It Only Works Because You're Here and My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once. Also available in a COMBO DEAL from the Special Offers section.
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The Advent Calendar Of FACT
Our Christmas single for 2008 is this fantastic double-header consisting of our two favourite Christmas tracks, both unavailable to download until now.
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It Only Works Because You're Here/My Exciting Life In ROCK
This hugely endowed EP features seven songs from My Exciting Life In ROCK two exclusive b-sides and a veritable GRATEST HITS of bonus tracks!
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Do The Indie Kid
A lovely slab of vinyl featuring unique versions of The Music Of The Future as well as the lead track and special b-side The Drummer's Lament
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A Million Ukeleles
Twelve brand new recordings featuring guests such as Phil Wilson, Pete Green, most of The Validators and a cat, this is a hand-made package of fun, tunes, and rather exciting guitar soloes.

This was originally issued in a limited edition of 200 hand-made (by me!) copies with a booklet featuring lyrics, chords, and guide to playing all the songs on ukelele - a booklet which you can now download here!
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The Lesson Of The Smiths
The second single from WE VALIDATE!, with two live favourites, three brand new songs, a Smiths cover and a pile of multimedia extras, including a complete Live Album!
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The album which seems to have introduced to more people than any other, featuring the "hits" The Lesson Of The Smiths and The Gay Train.
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Better Things To Do
Featuring an ever-so-slightly different version of Better Things To Do, two b-sides by The Validators and, on the multimedia section, six other brand new songs on the virtual cassette Zipcodes. It's a bargain!
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Warriors Of Nanpantan
A 'Rest Of' compilation featuring all the singles, compilation tracks, internet only releases and unreleased songs from 1997 to 2004.
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Shed Anthems
Mini-Album featuring everyone's favourite track from This Is Not A Library, Steve Lamacq's Euro 2004 anthem, the winner of the "Select A B-Side" competition, and three other brand new tracks. Also contains CD-R goodness with alternate versions, lyrics, annotations, and - oh my! - an entire ALBUM's worth of unreleased material.
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This Is Not A Library
Long sold out on CD this is a lot of people's favourite - with EIGHTEEN songs, including Easily Impressed and the ALMOST legendary One Last Party you can understand why.
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Mute Nostril Agony
The Durham Ox Singers' album - recorded in one day with Alan Jenkins in Leicester, featuring our entire repertoire plus a couple of extra numbers worked up especially.
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Say It With Words
The debut album from 2000, with old favourites like Hey Hey 16K and Payday Is The Best Day.
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