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Pictures: July 2005 - The Wedding Singers

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So, on July 9th 2005 at The Crazy Bear - Nic and Emma's WeddingThe gear's ready, it's time to go and SUIT UPThe auditorium, awaiting our returnWe're back - and we're brushed up NICE!And so we begin... to ROCK!Photographic evidence of people DANCING!It was difficult to concentrate, faced with such an elegant MOSH PIT.On top of everything else, the sound was really good too.Emma and Tom, GOING for it.Later there would be dancing, at the INDIE DISCONot sure what's happened here, but by the look on my face it was something GOOD!This looks very much like us trying to work out what to play next... possibly during our SECOND Encore.Whatever we decided, TIGER Tom seems pleased.We played for an hour and ten minutes - we were KNACKEREDGirls drinking beer dancing down the front of a Validators gig. What IS this place?

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