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Pictures: The Validators ON TOUR, July 2006

These are all the pictures in this gallery. Click on an image to see them full size
6th July  in Sheffield, with the Pattisons' living room on displayPanic as Tim's snare breaks... not for the last time8th July - Next stop Cambridge, don't we all look grown up?Smiling Drummer Doubtful Singer21st July - the tour proper begins in BirminghamStage frocks on!Post encore, the band leaves the stage SWEATY22nd July in Hull, and Tim gets some helpOnce again it was very very sweatyThe Darkly Clad Trio, ROCKINGFor some reason this side of the stage seems somehow BRIGHTER23rd July - it's The Fighting Cocks in Leeds!Charlie battles for our honour after the interminable Pub QuizHere we are ROCKING the seated audience24th July - a long trip south and we're in BrightonStarting to try to work out how to write 'Other Bands' Setlists'Tour shenanigans - Tim's drums get set up 'hilariously' wrongly whilst he's packing the van!It's The Legend!It's The Bobby McGees!The Bobby McGees full JAZZ line-upMeanwhile on Earth-W, Roberta Palmer reveals her new backing bandHibbett and Machine: ROCKBetween songs - CHAT25th July - we're in LeicesterOnce again, it's the majestic Fighting CocksTom and Frankie share a joke over the drumkitThere was much DANCING at this one26th July - we're setting up in LondonLardpony, ROCKING OUTIt was another sweaty night at The WindmillThe Singing Bit in 'Leave My Brother Alone'Tim taking joy in the Loading Of The VanNext morning at breakfast chez HibbettThe spare room, full of ROCKMen at workAah, seven days in and we're STILL smiling!What a handsome bunch of ROAD WARRIORS we are eh?Emma's ready to go - those are Shane MacGowan's sunglasses!27th July -  the final night in NottinghamIt was very very hot again - especially around the kneesJust look at these happy smiling faces!Still rocking (this and previous picture nabbed from BOWLIE)As it was the last night we ALL wore our tour t-shirtsA nice ARTY pic from CraigSee you next time!

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