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Gigs From History: 2003

Here's all the gigs we played in 2003, along with any details of the night I can remember. If there's a blog entry you can click on the date to read it.

Wednesday 5 March 2003 Betsy Trotwood, London
First gig since I moved to London, first gig for my brother Thomas, and live debuts for both 'The Lesson Of The Smiths' and 'Things'll Be Different'.
Saturday 19 April 2003 Betsy Trotwood, London
Not a good night - weakened by a run of good gigs, I lost control and panicked.
Wednesday 7 May 2003 The Albion, Winchester
Playing with Owen Tromans, who lent me his pickup, I did 'I Can See Clearly Now' and a revised version of 'Fly Me To The Moon' for the first time and ended up stoned (sorry mum) on a lilo during a student party. Rock and ROLL!
Saturday 14 June 2003 The Adelphi, Hull
Me and Tom at our first Hull gig - thus the first night we met the mighty Mr Eddy Bewsher.
Friday 4 July 2003 The Verge, London
Supporting The Lovely Brothers - this was the night 'Captain Disco' joined me onstage to sing 'Stan' with his penis water pistol.
Sunday 6 July 2003 Loxley Residential Home, Peterborough
My Nan's 90th Birthday Party
Friday 1 August 2003 Upstairs At The Garage, London
I spent the afternoon at BBC 6 Music, and was a bit WEAKENED by the time I got to the gig, and didn't manage to control the heckling.
Saturday 2 August 2003 Victoria Inn, Derby
Validators Full Band Set AAS 5th Birthday all-dayer with Johnny Domino, The Frightened Prisoners Of The Kraken, Lazer Guided and many many more.
Sunday 10 August 2003 Ray's Back Garden, Winchester
A vegan barbecue and payment in BEER - NICE.
Thursday 14 August 2003 The Windmill, London
Validators Full Band Set AAS Fifth birthday gig - Mr FA Machine was drunk, people cheered, we had fun! Also featuring Johnny Domino and Plans & Apologies.
Saturday 20 September 2003 The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Hecklers were deflected, girls danced, I played 'Born Yesterday' (the only time) and there was a strange and frightening pub quiz.
Monday 29 September 2003 The Social (Nottingham), Nottingham
Validators Full Band Set Very very LOUD gig with The Chris TT band - I think this was the night when Sam from Tasty Fanzine got head-butted.
Saturday 11 October 2003 Raffles, Derby
Live debut for 'Young People Bring Me Your Problems'. I played first, didn't get paid, my name was spelt wrong on the posters, and I missed The Validators!
Sunday 12 October 2003 The Adelphi, Hull
Validators Full Band Set An astonishingly fantastic night, organised by Eddy, and featuring Christmas Cake! Tom ran about trying to keep up with demand for CDs.
Thursday 16 October 2003 The Vine, Leeds
Validators Full Band Set A very sweaty night with Being 747 and a young heavy metal band.
Monday 20 October 2003 Firebug, Leicester
Validators Full Band Set Final gig of the mini-tour with Being 747. We did an encore, but had to ask for it!
Friday 24 October 2003 Jamm, London
A Kooba night - I had to work hard to get the audience on-side, but it worked in the end. This night saw the debut of my solo set DANCING!
Thursday 30 October 2003 Cube Cinema, Bristol
Supporting Chris TT - The venue's roof was falling in and I lost my bottle and haven't been back to Bristol since!
Saturday 1 November 2003 Jug of Ale, Birmingham
Bearos Halloween Gig with Grover and Palomar 13. They'd learnt special spooky songs, so I had to do 'Evergreen' by Will Green and add ZOMBIES.
Sunday 2 November 2003 The Maze, Nottingham
Earlier in the day I'd been complimented on my dancing, so was in a good mood. This felt like the first gig that moved towards The Uberset, and I did 'Boom Shake The Room' with a proper introduction for the first time.
Saturday 8 November 2003 Railway Inn, Winchester
A good night - I thought I was dying on my arse but ended up getting an encore. I noted that my name was still on the board outside The Albion from several months before.
Saturday 15 November 2003 University of Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield
After 'The Lesson Of The Smiths' a youth shouted 'You're the MAN! You're the MAN!' I pointed out that I was simply A man, but it was nice of him to say so.
Sunday 21 December 2003 The Windmill, London
Supporting Chris TT, who doubted my WORD about 'Bands From London'. First gig appearance for 'Girlfriend Alarmed'

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