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Gigs From History: 2004

Here's all the gigs we played in 2004, along with any details of the night I can remember. If there's a blog entry you can click on the date to read it.

Thursday 26 February 2004 The 12 Bar Club, London  (setlist)
A brilliant night, and the first time I played 'Breaks In The Journey'
Friday 5 March 2004 Starka Bar, Motherwell
First night of the tour with The Hector Collectors, who turned out to be ACE. I didn
Saturday 6 March 2004 The Captain's Rest, Glasgow
Still on tour with The Hector Collectors - a slightly scary pub, and I made a lengthy speech about how everybody was very keen for you to know they were Scottish. This ended up being a GRATE night!
Sunday 7 March 2004 Caledonian Backpackers', Edinburgh
This was the gig that inspired 'Let The Weird Band Win' AND 'Mental Judo'. I played with, and to, the lovely Hector Collectors at their final gig.
Sunday 14 March 2004 Raffles, Derby
A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon slot in the 'Yr On Yr Own' all-dayer. I felt relaxed, and there was much jollity in the room. NICE.
Sunday 14 March 2004 The Social (Nottingham), Nottingham
Validators Full Band Set Things started off late, the Promoter's band went on before us, started off even later and over-ran their set. We got ENERGISED with annoyance and played pretty good, but there was nobody there to see it!
Friday 7 May 2004 The Adelphi, Hull
Validators Full Band Set Astounding night when people came just to see us, and we had a big feature in The Hull Daily Mail!
Friday 7 May 2004 The Adelphi, Hull
The Validators supported by MJ Hibbett! Live debut for 'Dino At The Sands' and 'Never Going Back To Aldi's'.
Sunday 9 May 2004 Railway Inn, Winchester
With Winston Echo at a benefit for the Winchester Hunt Saboteurs.
Saturday 15 May 2004 The Blue Posts, London
Carsmile Steve's birthday party!
Thursday 27 May 2004 The 12 Bar Club, London
Launch gig for 'Shed Anthems'.
Friday 11 June 2004 The Grapes, Sheffield
Validators Full Band Set Fabulous night, supported by James Taylor and Peter Green. No, really!
Saturday 12 June 2004 Hobgoblin, Brighton
With Anal Beard and The Lovely Brothers. This night I discovered that they don't have Aldi's in Brighton.
Tuesday 22 June 2004 The Attik, Leicester
Validators Full Band Set A trip down memory lane for some us, getting back to the Attik, and the first and only appearance of THE REMARK-O-PHONE.
Thursday 24 June 2004 The 12 Bar Club, London
A heavily compressed set due to THE FOOTBALL.
Saturday 3 July 2004 Carpe Diem, Leeds
Validators Full Band Set With Johnny Domino and Being 747.
Saturday 14 August 2004 Ray's Mum's Back Garden, Stourbridge
A birthday surprise for Ray and a lot of drinking for me!
Saturday 28 August 2004 My Mum's Back Garden, Peterborough
My parent's silver wedding anniversary - aah!
Thursday 16 September 2004 The Victoria, London
Before the gig I had broadcast to YORKSHIRE, then two songs in decided to ABANDON PA for the first time
Saturday 18 September 2004 Jug of Ale, Birmingham
With Bom, Pete Green and Jeffrey Lewis.
Monday 20 September 2004 Tchai Ovna Teahouse, Glasgow
First night of The Tour with The Plimptons and Frankie Machine. Afterwards we got very very drunk indeed, and hijinks ensued.
Tuesday 21 September 2004 The Adelphi, Hull
Second leg of the Plimptons/Frankie tour, also with Cracktown and the very lovely Mr Jeffrey Lewis.
Wednesday 22 September 2004 Portland Works, Sheffield
One of my best EVER gigs - in an abandoned factory/studio complex, without a PA, and on still on tour with The Plimptons and Frankie Machine. Two encores, a huge amount of beer, clubbing, a party, and further hi-jinks. ROCK!
Thursday 23 September 2004 The 12 Bar Club, London
A beautiful final night for the Plimptons/Frankie Machine tour, also featuring Nathan Persad and Spinmaster Plantpot. There was a lot of hugging.
Saturday 2 October 2004 Sanctuary Cafe, Brighton
A benefit for an Animal Sanctuary organised by Paul from Pog.
Saturday 30 October 2004 University of Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield
The Fuzztival - this was the GRATE time Steve Lamacq was pushed aside by a mob of WOMEN who wanted to buy CDs from me
Saturday 4 December 2004 The Criterion, Leicester
Validators Full Band Set Me and Tom play to a VERY tough room at the Ultimate Frisbee Party.
Saturday 11 December 2004 Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall, Leicester
Validators Full Band Set The Validators Christmas Gig, with Tube Bar DJs
Sunday 19 December 2004 BBC 6Music, London
Singing 'The Advent Calendar Of FACT' and 'Rock And Roll Mayhem' live on Steve Lamacq's Sunday show.

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