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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Metropolit@N Audio Tape #1

Compilations: Metropolit@N Audio Tape #1

This was a cassette given away free with a French Fanzine tape. I gave them a version of Payday Is The Best Day which I'd recorded for What's So Bad About Being A Grown-Up but which didn't come out too well. I was told about it by Sean from Fortuna Pop!, whose early roster has a rather large presence in the tracklisting.

You're Living All Over Me - Taking Pictures
Love Is Blind - Foofie
Spanish Megahertz - The Bio Saloon
OK - The Green Love Experiment
There's Nothing Wrong (with me) - Airport Girl
One Last Waltz - Calvin
Jazz 722: In Hop Klurt - Roselicoeur
TK1 - Twinkie
Ghosts - Higgins
Angie - Foofie
The Last Holiday Day's - Day May
Nothing - Flatul's
Sometimes You Just Suit Me Fine - Mark 700
Rober - Flake
Wonderboy - Sblido
Payday Is The Best Day - Mark Hibbett
World - Flatul's
Gepetto's Mistake - Missmood
A Music Land As Thunder - Foofie
L'Orage - Ted
Les Yeux Ecarquilles - The Green Love Experiment
Connection - DAA

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