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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Now That's What I Call Valid

Internet only: Now That's What I Call Valid

After the success of Hey Hey 16K we looked around for Another Idea to use the Interweb creatively, and came up with the first Internet Compilation Album EVER! We'd been talking about doing a label compilation for AGES, but it all seemed such a headache arranging tracks and especially paying for the damn thing. However, once we decided to do it online the whole thing was finished in about a month bands just emailed us songs they had spare, we bunged them on the internet, and HOLA! Mr Right is another leftover from the Say It With Words sessions and is a rerecording of a song on the tape The Thoughts of Chairman Hibbett. This version is a LOT better than the original!

If you'd like to download it, you can find it here.

Supermodels - Europa
Chicago - The Chemistry Experiment
The Good People Of America - Cuban Boys vs. Wandrin' Allstars
Bands from London (are shit) The Fighting Cocks
My Funny Valentine - Frankie Machine
The Canadian National Anthem - Johnny Domino
Slow Razzle - Lazer Guided
Mr Right - MJ Hibbett & The Validators
Keep In Time - Pala
Chromosomes - Saloon
Terraform - Stumble
This Is Your Enemy - Twinkie vs. Cuban Boys
The Artists Against Success Company Song

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