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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Total Hero Team

Albums: Total Hero Team

Specially adapted audio version of the two-man ROCK OPERA about Superheroes which visited the Edinburgh, Camden and Buxton Fringes, the Leicester Comedy Festival, and many many pubs all around the country. Features excitement! drama! titting about!

You can get it online here:

(released on 28 February 2014)

Total Hero Team
Who Watches The Potmen? (dialogue)
My Secret Origin
There's Never Been A British Superhero (dialogue)
Chester Champion, Legend Of Lancs
What's that sound? (dialogue)
Bad Boys Stick Together, Never Sad Boys (dialogue)
We're Not Thieves, We're Connoisseurs
Fufu To The Rescue (dialogue)
The Massive Banker
You Absolute Stinker (dialogue)
This Is My Story (dialogue)
It Only Works Because You're here
That's A Lovely Story (dialogue)
Get Over It
It All Happened Nearly 30 Years Ago (dialogue)
I'm So Much Cleverer Than You
A New Information Technology Device (dialogue)
For N=0 To Doom: Next N (dialogue)
Humans Prepare To Die
Please Wait While The System Is Restored (dialogue)
A World Without Facebook (dialogue)
Come On Pussy
The Perfect Disguise (dialogue)
The Last Finale Of Conclusionment (dialogue)
Control Alt Delete
Like Some Kind Of Puppet (dialogue)
I Want The World To Stop
So Chester, What Do You Say? (dialogue)
Chester Champion, Legend Of Lancs (reprise)
Are You Sure About This? (dialogue)
Do It Yourself
Buttering No Parsnips (bonus track)
I Dream Of Superheroes (bonus track)
All About The Booty (bonus track)

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