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When Voon "ended" (well, for a few months anyway) Neil and I formed The Council and me and Chris played a couple of gigs together as Ernie & Joe. That sort of petered out but he did write quite a few songs for it, so a little while later he and I reconvened to record this tape. I can't remember much about it to be honest, the only memory I have of the whole Ernie & Joe experience was the gig we played at The Pump & Tap when two girls in shiny silver dresses came to the front of the stage and danced. It would have been all downhill after that anyway!

As ever I played bass, and I'm on "You Don't Know Me, But...", "Awake" and alternate songs after that.

See-Through Intro
Down To Earth
You Don't Know Me, But...
Without Me
Am I So Blind?
Jeffrey's An Airplane
Glad You're Cool
One Of Those Days
My Life
Out Of Here
To Be Like You
The Nasty Song

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