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Songs: Data Storage Thing

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<a href="http://mjhibbett.bandcamp.com/track/data-storage-thing">Data Storage Thing by MJ Hibbett &amp; The Validators</a>
Faster than a 10 year old in a stolen car
Quicker than careers of Reality TV stars
With a Russian Optician's Operating Speed
And more processing than a Moon that's made of cheese

Prepare to your have your mental mind amazed
By the Power of Parallel Solid State

La la la la la you've got my head in a spin
You Data Storage Thing
Data Storage Thing

Like a super ninja on a bike rode hell for leather
Twenty four SSDs strapped together
When computing's accredited as a sport this one
Will win the gold the silver and, also the bronze

Thrusting forward at 2 gigabytes a second
Giving other processors clinical depresson

La la la la la you've got my head in a spin
You Data Storage Thing
Data Storage Thing

Really fast! It's really fast!
Really fast! It's really fast!

La la la la la you've got my head in a spin
You Data Storage Thing
Data Storage Thing

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was written for an advertising company who I've done several things for. Every time I work on a song for them it goes through many changes - to be honest, that's one of the best things about it, in that i have to wrangle my BRANE into writing words that FIT, and RE-WRITE them when THE CLIENT disagrees.

'Data Storage Thing' went through even more changes than most, starting off as a completely different song altogether, changing it's tune, theme and words, then having the words tinkered with a LOT before being abandoned altogether.

A couple of months later it was resurrected for a different film and so had to be pretty much totally re-written. Some time later I got a call to say it was going to be USED (making it the first one to get that far!) but that some of the words needed changing - I think their Legal Team had worried about me using brand names like 'X-Factor' in the lyrics, so i had to re-do pretty much the entire first verse!

It was all worth it tho, I reckon, I think it all works pretty well and GOODNESS ME but that bloody chorus isn't half catchy - have a listen for yourself on YouTube!

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