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Songs: Do The Indie Kid

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At the height of Britpop
I found myself in France
I went to an Indie Disco
There to dance
The French were enthusiastic
They served the beer in pints
But they partied like it was
They frugged and strutted like
Un jardin du poulets
I said Regardez
Ecoutez et repetez

Hands behind your back
And bounce your hips
Move your feet around
And do the Indie Kid

At weddings that I go to
The first hour of the DJ's set
Is when they play the songs that
The groom requests
At Mileage's reception
There was a small dancing hardcore
Of old schoolfriends until
My parents took to the floor
They started twisting to The Pixies
I could have died
I said Mother, if you must
Please do it right

Hands behind your back
And bounce your hips
Move your feet around
And do the Indie Kid

I was chatting to a colleague
About LINUX for PCs
And spent the next five hundred
Years asleep
When I woke the world had altered
Especially for The Kids
In that the radio
Played songs that went like this


They leapt around like
Milkmen on a motorway
They needed someone hep
To show the way
So I said 'Hey!'

Hands behind your back
And bounce your hips
Move your feet around
And do the Indie Kid

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I'm currently (today's date: 15th February 2007) mid-SONG SPLURGE, as LOADS of new ones come ZOOMING out of the SPACE GARAGE that is my brain, partly due to the fact that The Vlads have started practicing again, and need some new songs to learn up. At the end of our first practice we came up with a GRATE JAM, which I tried to write some words for. I had several attempts at it, eventually writing a song called Love Instead, which I quite liked. I was booked into a studio the next week so recorded it there, so that The Vlads could have a listen before we regrouped.

Unfortunately, they didn't like it. Well, whe I say "they" I mean Frankie, who emailed back a couple of days later to express his RIGHTEOUS DISAPPOINT: as he said, the tune had been written SPECIFICALLY to be quick, poppy, with fewer words and MORE CHORUSES, but I'd changed it into a bit of a long old thing with LOADS of words and the Custom Built Choruses reduced to MERE BOOKENDS.

When I read his email i knew that he was RIGHT - especially as The Cork In My Champagne had expressed pretty similar opinions already - so retired for the evening wondering what I could do instead. I awoke next day to realise that i could simply go BACK to the previous version of the song, which I'd given up on as I couldn't think of a POINT to it.

That morning i REJIGGED the first verse to make it a bit more pointED, also to contain some more HUMOUR. On the way to work I revised the SECOND verse, and then this afternoon (for LO! it was today) I finished off the final verse. When I first wrote it i KNEW i wanted the first verse to be me in Montpellier (where I was doing some WORK), the second to be Mileage's wedding, and that the THIRD should contain an opportunity for us to FREAK OUT, if only briefly, and once I'd determined to sort it out properly it all fell into place, ALMOST AS IF I should have persevered with it a bit more the first time round.

I've just sent the revised words to The Validators, and now can but wait, in FEAR and DREAD, for their JUDGEMENT.

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