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Songs: I Did A Gig In New York

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I did a gig in New York - It didn't really work out like I thought it would
I saw no Spiderman in action nor indeed Fantastic Four
When I did a gig in New York
We were heading to a wedding as far off as you can go
On the way we thought we'd try and circumnavigate the globe
With stop-offs in Oahu, San Francisco, Singapore but first of all in New York
Well we set off mid-November and I realised mid-flight
A festival we'd only seen on Friends was happening in real life
US Citizens see Thanksgiving as mostly family time not for ROCK
Not even in New York
And so I couldn't get a booking no matter how hard I tried
The only gig still going was a poet's Open Mic
So I met with Gregg and Mrs Gregg, some friends, on the East Side
And off we went to a gig in New York
I did a gig in New York - It didn't really work out like I thought it would
I didn't meet Madonna or get showered with applause when I did a gig in New York
The other acts were angry poets or stand-ups who would all say
God*** you mother******s, also Happy Holidays
Poets don't use ukeleles, stand-ups do not have guitars so nor did I
Not in New York
So I stood up, acapella, and I shouted out two tunes
Then told a joke about the founding fathers they all thought was rude
After me two ladies waved vaginas, dancing round the room
That's how it rolls, in New York
I did a gig in New York
I had a funny feeling I'd supported someone quite like them before
But anyway, we finished off our beers and headed for the door and that was that
For my gig in New York
Well I took a Yellow Cab back to the hotel, in a daze
Next day got up to go and watch the Macy's Day Parade
As Charlie Brown pursued that football all the way down thirty fourth I thought Hang on, I'm in New York!
And I did a gig in New York, OK it didn't work out like I thought it would
But it's a story I will tell a million times and not get bored
About the gig I did in New York
So if you do a gig in New York
Don't get upset if it don't work out exactly as you thought
Just remember you'll remember one simple FACT for ever more:
That you did a gig in New York

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is a completely true story ... apart from the fact that I realised we'd be landing in New York a couple of weeks before we set off, but other than that: FACTUALLY ACCURATE

I thought of writing it in early 2007 and wrote out some NOTES on a STRUCTURE, but only sat down to do it in July when I wanted to have a go at writing a song specifically for my EXCITING Solo Album. Out came the Ukelele and HELLO came the words, gently forming in my BRANE whilst walking about, going to the GYMNASIUM or (mostly) sitting on the tube until (on 12 July 2007) it was DONE. The original NOTES had it being BOOK ENDED by a bit about the chap who wanted me to write a book and, before i went, said the "terrible gig" (that I had yet to do) would be a good introduction... but that would have meant starting out on a bit of a DOWNER, so I stuck with the CHEERY VIBE you see before you.

It was one of the first songs to get recorded too, with the BODHRAN being done in the back of Charlie's VAN. We played the song together for a bit with me on ukelele, then I recorded him on his own and, when I got home, SPLICED it together into the rhythm track. The rather ACE bass drum sound you can hear us the pair of us stamping on the floor of the VAN, it is RATHER good i feel!

There's all sorts of bits I like in this one, like the Penny Whistles which took a LONG LONG time to get right, but I think my favourite is me and Charlie LARFING at the end. GOOD TIMES!

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