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Songs: It's Hard To Be Hopeful

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It's hard to be hopeful
Very hard indeed
When stupidity keeps winning
And love loses to greed
When faith in human nature
Starts to feel at best naive
It's hard to be hopeful
Very hard indeed

It's easy to be cynical
It's tempting to give up
The worst thing keeps on happening
The best thing never does
When optimism's always wrong
Dismiss it with a shrug
It's easy to be cynical
It's tempting to give up

Normally this is the point
At which I'd say
Cheer up everybody
Everything will be OK
But I must admit that I'm
Not feeing it today
The only thing to do
Is stopping watching the news
Every time I turn it on
There's some arsehole who claims
They've talked to normal people
And the normal people say
Whatever vile hateful spite
The arsehole has just said
So why don't I just switch off my television set
And go out and do
Something less boring instead?

Let's read a book
Let's ride a bike
Let's take an open top bus tour and see the sights
I've kept up with politics for my whole life
And all that it's achieved
Is to make me believe

It's hard to be hopeful
Very hard indeed
With the waterfall of awful
That pours out of my TV
But turning off the taps sometimes
Might give us time to breath
Because it's hard to be bopeful
Very hard indeed

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

It's been difficult for me these last few years, watching the news and trying to maintain my faith in human nature. A while ago I experimented with not watching 'Question Time' and found that NOT screaming at the madness for an hour actually helped.

As the first chorus says, usually I'd try and turn this all round, and say "Hey! Here's why you should be happy about it though!" but I resisted it this time... for a bit anyway.

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