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Songs: Man Band

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Now my friend Charlie, he's in a band
Of all it's members, he's the odd one out
He's got a whole lot of women in the back of his van
And a pack of paracetamol, for when things get loud

I said hey Charlie, how do you cope?
Is it fabulousy wonderful? He said, no
But i'm gonna try and do this, while I still can
And for when I can't there's my retirement plan

I'm gonna form a man band - see if I don't
And it's gonna be a man band, butch as The Pope
There'll be a whole lot of farting and stupid jokes
And it's gonna be a man band that's full of blokes

Well we'll turn up in our work clothes and not get changed
And if we like a funny story we'll tell it again
We won't talk about our feelings or stuff like that
And none of us will ever think we look fat

Cos i'm gonna form a man band before I'm dead
And we'll practice for the man band in someone's shed
Every single member in it'll have Y Chromosomes
And it's gonna be a man band that's full of blokes

I said can I join please? And he said yes
I asked him when it's happening? He said not yet
He said he'll struggle on surrounded by gorgeous birds
He could stand a few more years of talking to girls

Because if you form a man band you may well rock
But the members of a man band smell like old socks
And they will never compliment you no matter what you wear
Because the members of a man band won't care

So we're gonna form a man band on one fine day
And it's gonna be a grand band - come and watch us play
Especially if you are a lady, because you know
It's boring in a man band when it's just blokes

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Any resemblance between the person mentioned in this song and my friend Charlie, who's in a band with four women, is purely coincidental!

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