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Songs: They Hate Me

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Sometimes I'm in front of a crowd
And I see someone walking out
There might be many reasons
They could leave
But all that I can think is
They hate me

Sometimes I'm singing at a gig
The audience, for me's, quite big
It's great till suddenly
I see someone leave
And all that I can think is
They hate me

And I know that usually
It isn't that
And most times that it happens
They'll come back

I know that sometimes they just need a wee

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This happens to me all the time at gigs - no matter how good it's is going, how many people are smiling or singing along, if I see someone at the back sneaking out i think "THEY ALL HATE ME". "Sometimes they just need a wee" is a mantra i have to keep chanting to myself... one day it might even work!

For this one I thought I'd have a go writing a song like the very first ones I used to do in Voon, coming up with a bass line and then working up from there. That may be why it came out a bit Baggy, as that was went I learnt to play bass!

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