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Blog: Moon Horse Rides Again

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It was my BIRTHDAY yesterday, but we'd celebrated it CHEZ MOI the night before, so as to leave room for some ROCK on Sunday. I had a thoroughly delightful time I must say - many presents, much being looked after, a CURRY and - perhaps best of all - a whole BATTENBERG CAKE to myself. MAN ALIVE but i like Battenberg Cake - i try to restrict myself to eating it only on my birthday, otherwise i would eat it ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I would LOOK like a Floor Cake!

On the Grand Day itself (when I turned 29... in hexadecimal) myself and The Date Of My Birthday journeyed to The Lexington, where Mr S Hewitt and I were BOOKED to give an afternoon performance of Moon Horse. There were a wide variety of pals there, including some ACTUAL PARENTS - my step-dad rather nervously asked me "What IS this then?" and didn't seem to believe me when I said "It's a two man Rock Opera!" We sat around and had a bit of an old chat for a while before gently ushering people upstairs. I was surprised to see most of the PUB was following us upstairs, and when we got up there quite a decent AUDIENCE had gathered.

The show went over pretty much FINE. Both Mrs M Hewitt and The Lines In My Script commented that it was MUCH better since the last time they'd seen it (i.e. at the first readthrough) and both seemed to think it'd changed quite a bit, and everyone else seemed to a) FOLLOW IT b) LIKE IT. Phew! Mr J Kell, who'd seen all the drafts, also said it was EVEN better than he thought it'd be, having read the script, possibly because you cannot quite appreciated the POWER of SILLY HATS when you read it written down. I don't think I personally even have fully come to grips with the aforesaid POWER - we must remember to only ever use our SILLY HATS for GOOD, and not EVIL.

So yes, much relief, tho we do not rest upon our laurels - I VIDEOED the performance for a) possible use for publicity but also b) REVIEWING purposes. Whenever we've had a run though I've always thought "ooh, must remember to talk about changing that bit" but always forget WHICH bit by the time we've got to the end, so it'll be good to watch and take notes, not least because I still think we could do with shaving a couple of minutes off it. We taped precisely an HOUR yesterday, which will get a bit shorter once we've learnt the whole thing properly (again there were quite a few BLOOPERS, but we COVERED almost as if we were USED to it, including an entire EXTRA CHORUS of NEW WORDS for We Did It Anyway which we JAMMED on the spot) but it'd be nice to give ourselves a bit more breathing space in case of LARKING ABOUT or even - imagine! - APPLUASE in later shows!

Everyone seemed happy anyway, so we went back downstairs where there was a quantity of further BEER and CHAT and all round GOOD TIMES, so much so that when we eventually wandered off home about 7ish I felt just a little bit tiddly, and required some TEA when we got home. It was a bloody lovely way to spend one's birthday I must say, thanks VERY much everyone who came along, it was FAB!

posted 20/6/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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