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Blog: Meanwhile, In The Writers' Room

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If you've ever seen a documentary about the making of American sitcoms - or indeed a SITCOM about makingb sitcoms - you'll be familiar with the scene where they go to The Writers' Room. This is where the comedy is FORMED, it's a room full of writers [NB HENCE THE NAME] all SLAVING over a script, drinking coffee, throwing paper at each other, tearing their hair out, all in search of ONE MORE GAG.

This is what it has been like in The Validators this past week - albeit VIRTUALLY - as between us we battle over the VERSE for our CHRISTMAS CARD. OH! The ideas! The BATTLES! The constant STRIVING for PERFECTION! And each time it looks like we're nearly there... WOAH! Objections are raised, inconsistencies are pointed out and it is HO! for the drawing board!

It has been a LONG and ARDUOUS process but I think we're nearly there (mind you I thought that last week). The rest of the card has been quite simple to perfect, however, very greatly helped by the FACT that it's been designed by the marvellous Mr John Allison. Look! See what he has DRAWN

If all goes to plan we'll have a few of these available for sale in the SHOP in a week or two, and MY WORD but whoever RECIEVES these beauties will be in for a treat. I just hope some of them read the verse!

posted 16/11/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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is it too late to request a Dinosaur Planet advent calander? if my 3 year old had a Dinosaur Planet advent calander i could save the Lego Star Wars one to act as my pension fund in years to come! i'll be getting some of those cards, i bet no-one sends me one though. the swines!
posted 17/11/2011 by matt

Too late this year, yes, but if the album becomes a Global Phenomenon in 2012 you never know!
posted 17/11/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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