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Blog: Sheffield In The Snow

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I met with Mr S Hewitt on Saturday lunchtime and together we ZOOMED off to Sheffield, where Mr P Green had booked us to perform Moon Horse. On the way we discussed prospects for the NEXT show, agreeing a long LIST of items that should feature (e.g. "a monster", "a sword fight", "bonnets") and a few things that WOULDN'T ("questioning the dramaturgy", "blatant sexism"). It sounds like it's going to be AMAAAZING!

As we reached Derby it began to SNOW and we wondered how this would IMPINGE on our travel arrangements. The answer was "not at all, really". Well, apart from later in the day when we STRODE MANFULLY through a BLIZZARD, marching from The Ibis (where, of course, we had Our Usual Suites) to The Rutland Arms, where we found Mr M Wainwright and Mr D Hartley waiting for us. More and more BRAVE SOULS made it through the weather, and so we went upstairs to commence the evening's EXCITEMENT, with Markie Plays Girl Pop.

This was the aforementioned Mr Wainwright singing a bunch of songs written and/or performed by women, and it was ACE, very rapidly turning into a RIGHT OLD SINGALONG. "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" was ESPECIALLY good fun, and the joining in soon developed into pretty much a CONVERSATION between songs between Mark and The Audience.

When it was time for me and Steve to start the conversation TRIED to continue... but there's enough going on in the show ANYWAY so we had to politely BUT FIRMLY not get involved, and soon everyone was EMBROILED in the ongoing story anyway. We FROLICKED through it at what I thought was a rapid pace, but ended up taking longer than usual due to JOLLITY and we got it about 95% CORRECT i think, which is a HIGH SCORE in anybody's book!

There followed a lot of LURKING and YAKKING after that, so it was a VERY GOOD JOB that we'd factored in a LIE-IN for the next day. We were still up before NOON though, and headed off to The Fat CaT for LUNCH. We got there a bit earlier, so visited ("looked through the windows of") a nearby museum, before heading back to the pub for a DELICIOUS Sunday Lunch and some ADMIRING of the Actual Fat Cat who lives there. We also did more BUSINESS, working out how to do an ABBREVIATED version of Dinosaur Planet, which we'll be performing at The Event in a couple of weeks.

The rest of the afteroon featured a gentle stroll back to the station via a couple of PUBS - the high point, for me, being an AMAZING pint of Barnsely Bitter in The Kelham Island Tavern. MAN ALIVE but it was GOOD! These activities led to us both having GENTLE NAPS on the way back, arriving home suitably refreshed and GEARED UP for NEXT weekend, when we have the FINAL performances of Moon Horse in Leicester and Nottingham.

It's WEIRD to think that there will soon come a time when we're NOT doing Moon Horse anymore, it's been HUGELY enjoyable to do, but HEY! The NEXT show sounds like it's going to be even BETTER!

posted 6/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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