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Blog: Deep Thought Birthday

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I may have found the univeral QUESTION for The Great Universal Answer. It MIGHT be "How old will Mark be when he spends most of his birthday EITHER in Camden OR debugging a webpage?"

For LO! Yesterday was my birthday and THAT is what I spent a lot of it doing. Much to my CHAGRIN I had to go to CAMDEN in the morning for a MEETING, which actually turned out all right. I had to meet my boss at Mornington Crescent tube, and was DELIGHTED to find that getting their via Euston was Slightly Convoluted. We then had an GOOD MEETING with a Computer Guy - i know! How often does THAT happen? We all met in the IT offices at Camden Social Services (GUESS WHICH FLOOR THEY WERE ON) and much to my surprise he turned out to be a) nice b) full of INFO c) able to communicate with other humans. I shall have to report him to the COMPUTER GUY UNION!

The meeting lasted approx 90 minutes less than expected, due to the above, so I came home and spent most of the rest of the day DEBUGGING, also PROGRAMMING a Web Thing I've been working on for MONTHS. At one point I thought "Is this really how I want to spend my birthday?" and then realised the answer was in fact "YES", as it's been an INCREDIBLY frustrating experience (it has involved COMPUTER GUYS who conform ENTIRELY to the norm...) but it FINALLY felt like I was getting somewhere with it. If you see me out and about over the next few days (e.g. in Leicester tonight at The Musician - PLUGGING!) be warned i may TELL you about it. "Oooh, I was programming ASP to program Javascript and vica versa" i may say, as you FLEE.

In the evening things got proper FESTIVE tho - there were PHONE CALLS, there was the opening of CARDS, many PRESENTS, lots of FUSS directed at ME (which, obviously, i usually try and avoid hem hem) and then watching THE FOOTBALL. Like most people I had got a bit EXCITED about it, after the last Exciting Game, and duly had my expectations downgraded, but was RELIEVED that we'd won the group as it means the NEXT England game will now NOT be on while me and Steve are returning from HIBBETTFEST on Saturday.

And so the birthday ended and I fully entered my FORTY THIRD year on Planet Earth. I wonder what wonders it will bring?

posted 20/6/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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