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Blog: Now We Are - Day Two

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The second day of the Now We Are weekender in West Brom began at a leisurely pace, and it was just before NOON when I sloped out to meet The Hewitts. On the way to the lift I bumped into someone who asked about my G String (off my GUITAR you naughty person, I'd BROKE it the day before), then found Meg and Steve in the lift, and said hello to another PAL standing outside. It seems that The Premier Inn was the hotel of CHOICE for festival goers!

We went down the road to Weatherspoons for breakfast, which was... very much like you would expect a Weatherspoons to be at noon on a Sunday. We then strode up to the venue and took part in the QUIZ. This was an EXCELLENT quiz, run by Paul Guided Missile, which featured Incidental Music, Jokes, LIVE keyboard playing, Cunning Picture Rounds, and all round made me feel ever so slightly ashamed of the SLAP DASH effort we put in at Popfest - it was CLASSY!

I should also add that my appreciation was only increased when it turned out our team had TOTALLY WON! HA!

Duly invigorated by VICTORY Steve and I took to the stage, got everything prepped, and then... did a aoundcheck! We've never done Total Hero Team plugged in before, but we thought it BEST as we were playing in SUCH a GINORMOUS building with people coming and going hither and thither. That is PROBABLY DEFINITELY the reason why the start of the show was, to say the least, a bit shakey - that's the ONLY reason - but, as usual, after the first ten minutes or so we got into the swing. It didn't help that at the beginning I was getting CONFUSED about which VERSION we were doing - the CURRENT version, or the new, dialogue-reduced version that we start practicing soon!

Everyone seemed quite happy to accept our, let us say, ENTHUSIASTIC ATTEMPT to do it one way or the other, and as we POWERED UP during the second half it all seemed to work out pretty well. Astonishingly, agonisingly, however that was pretty much IT for me for the weekend - I had my train home BOOKED so once we'd packed up and I'd hugged my farewells I found myself trundling back down the road to the tram station to commence the journey home.

It had been a LOVELY weekend at a fantastically well RUN and excellently BOOKED festival - I do hope it happens again next year, it was GRATE!

posted 29/5/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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