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Blog: The Busy Busy Day

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I knew Monday was going to be a busy busy day so I got up early to get it started. Well, I say "early", it was about 8.30am, and I say "got up" but I mean "sat in bed with the laptop". I had an article to finish off for those lovely ThreeWeeks people, so spent half an hour removing most of the bits being rude about comedians, sent it of, and then headed out of the door.

My first stop was The Cabaret Voltaire where I was taking part in Crunch The News, a sort of Topical Panel/Discussion Show. We sat around for an hour or so beforehand looking at the papers and discussing what stories we'd do - I, of course, did Doctor Who - and then we got up on stage in front of about 20 people to DISCUSS. It was REALLY good fun - everyone else was being A Bit Serious for most of the time, I thought, so tried to say some daft things, but couldn't resist having a RANT once or twice. The others said some Very Interesting things I must say - my THORTS were very much PROVOKED, which doesn't often happen at lunchtime!

I nipped back to the flat to put my first Festival Washload in, then headed across town to the Assembly Rooms, where Steve was doing Bright Club. It was a REALLY good show, especially the guy talking about the sociology of SUPERHEROES (who turned out to be a PROPER comics geek when I spoke to him later), someone else explaining MATHS using Die Hard Films, and of course our very own Mr S Hewitt, who spoke of BEER. So proud!

Not wanting to repeat the cross town HIKE again I got a taxi back to the flat - he drove straight past our flat because he was thinking about his daughter's wedding, aaah! - where I did a quick bit of IRONING, picked up the instruments, and strolled down to The Dram House for our show.

It was BLOODY GRATE! We had about 20 people in who LARFED throughout and, best of all, waved their arms in the air like they just didn't care during "It Only Works Because You're Here". It was probably our best performance yet, with an EXTENDED bucket speech and, my favourite, some covering up IN PIRATE VOICES when something went wrong. ACE!

It's also getting QUICKER - we've cut about ten minutes out just by knowing it properly! This meant that we had time to pack up and nip round (well, not nip - we got caught in The River Of Tattoo Goers, which is a very SLOW moving river) to The Bow Bar for my first beer of the day. We'd never been before, but will doubtless go again, as their beer range was WIDE!

And then it was time for our last port of call - Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret. What a BLOODY LOVELY gig this was - ukes were distributed amongst the crowd or playing and singing along, there were two ACE other acts, and my bit went dead well too. I did "Come On Pussy" (with its guest) and "Boom Shake The Room", during which the audience were DELIGHTFUL. I was very content not to "win", especially when the actual winners did a GORGEOUS version of "Wise Men Say", and then we all got onstage to play "These Boots Were Made For Walking". I emerged from it all with a BIG SILLY GRIN all over my face!

The busy busy day ended with a quick nip into The Auld Hoose again before bedtime. I think this'll probably be the busiest day for the whole trip this year, it was GRATE but flipping exhausting!

posted 8/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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